The creation of Genbiotech, a spinoff of the Laboratoires Genévrier results of 15 years of strategic involvementin biotechnological research with one goal: to improve the quality of life of patients in the field of rheumatology and dermatology worldwide.

Our goal is to bring innovative solutions for revolutionizing biological drug administration to treat pathologies which are not satisfactorily dealt today.

Genbiotech aims to improve existing treatments by using non invasive processes allowing local and sustained administration of biological and active molecules.

Genbiotech products strength includes:

  •   Reducing patient risk for severe side effects such as invasive surgery in diabete
  •   Avoiding massive administration of drugs such as corticosteroids in musculoskeletal diseases
  •  Increasing treatment efficacy and physician practices

We believe that tomorrow medicine needs to be dedicated and targeted to patients.

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