The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit, medical society. It is an independent, non-governmental organisation.

The ESC is a source of high quality, evidence-based science that pushes the boundaries of cardiovascular medicine. Our members and decision-makers are healthcare professionals who give their time and expertise freely, while continuing their daily, high-paced clinical and/or research work. ESC volunteers are world-renowned experts; their opinions are routinely sought and their papers regularly published and referenced.

The ESC coordinates observational registries, creates clinical practice guidelines, and organises and endorses educational programmes. We disseminate robust and independent science through our congresses, journals and educational digital tools. We’re the voice of the cardiology community when advocating for heart-health policies, regulations and funding.

All of these things enable us to identify cardiovascular trends, address inequalities, share best practices to improve standards of care for patients

We are:

· 2,500 volunteers

· 57 National Cardiac Societies / 48 Affiliated Cardiac Societies

· Over 102,000 members

We share the latest in cardiovascular science through:

· 17 journals – including our flagship, European Heart Journal

· 14 congresses – including ESC Congress, the largest cardiology congress in the world

· 80+ webinars per year, numerous courses, and 4 post-graduate programmes in collaboration with leading universities

The ESC employs around 200 staff, based in Nice and Brussels, who support ESC volunteers in the development and management of these activities.

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